Web And Apps Villa Technology is a business consulting and IT development firm providing end-to-end advisory-to-implementation services. Our business consulting team provides strategy,growth, analytic and process consulting services to mid-sized organizations.


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How cus­tomers choose to reach out to your busi­ness is an impor­tant piece of data to note. The rea­son why they’re reach­ing out is even more impor­tant. If cus­tomers are con­tact­ing ser­vice and sup­port via tele­phone, email, social media, or web chat, it means they need assis­tance

Bug Free Code

Accuracy strongly correlates with development speed. The best developers distinguish themselves by writing bug free code right away. If you are able to write code that does not contain any mistakes, you don't have to waste your time hunting bugs.Ever wondered why that guy at the next table who works so leisurely gets things done a lot faster than you.

On Time Project Work

After a while, it just got tiring to always be late. The flustering and panic in the process and implications to other people were all unnecessary and could be easily avoided if I was just on time in the first place. There was also additional hassle, such as smsing and calling to inform the other party I would be late.

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